Go Sailing - It is a Perfect Break!


Ah! Life’s little surprises! They can make any day unforgettable and bring the happy tears. All you need is a platter of good idea, some lemon fresh air, and planning with UPto75! You of course don’t want to celebrate your precious moments in the ancient way of regular candle light dinner in 4 closed walls or fine-dining restaurants. Well we are not just giving you the idea, but the whole cooked dish for your plans! Upto75 presents an inimitable Sailing boutique, “Oyster sailing” in Mumbai.

The sailing boutique offers services in Sailing, Diving and more. Just pull yourself away from the hustle bustle of city and spend the day with your partner in an out of the ordinary way. The boutique provides you options of Private Luxury sail boat, Sail on open Yacht, Sailing workshops & lot more. Get in the cruise to avail yourself with huge discounts available till 14th of March,2015. Special Discounts by Upto 75 are like icing on the cake, you would not want to miss out, so don’t miss the chance and check out different offers right here.
Now, we have Gateway Charters Offers as well.
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