New Year Resolutions – A Good Idea

Even the Buddha did not get enlightenment without resolving first to get it. Therefore Resolutions are not bad at all and they give you a goal, a target to achieve. What better time then than the New Year to resolve on something for your good, for your growth? You can start on a clean slate, set a clear and achievable target and go for it. And you will only feel great when you do achieve what you resolved to get. New year Resolutions that are growth oriented, health and fitness oriented are the most common, career and education oriented are others, just as material and spiritual resolutions matter for some. In any of the categories, it is always good to choose those that give you long term benefits, and become life long habits. In health, fitness, career and education, resolutions can only help improve your lifestyle, vitality and perspective to life. New Year Resolutions are actually wonderful tools to set yourself goals that make you leap frog over others. 

One reason why resolutions are not taken seriously by many is because most manke the common mistake of setting goals that are too vague and too big. Make a List of New Year Resolutions that you can achieve, make achievable goals, set small targets, make a plan to stick by it for at least 21 days and stick by it. Get some professional advice before your start on your Resolutions for the New Year so you are not making any goof ups and are starting right. And then make a commitment by investing in the New year resolution, so that you don’t back out of it. Get a gym membership, join the yoga class, the computer class, language or dance class and get started on it. Announce it to the whole world, write it, paste it on your wall – at home and on facebook. Now that you are committed to it properly follow it for those three weeks everyday, until it becomes a habit. Then it will be difficult to stop it. The more New Year Resolutions that are good habits, the better for you. So this year, make your resolutions in advance and see the difference.
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