Father’s Day and Father’s Day Gifts

Fathers are a huge influence in our lives. An influence that stays with us all our lives, a presence that makes us feel secure and taken care of all through. However as we grow older our fathers fade into the background, comfortably giving up the spotlight for the children, giving up the space they occupied for some many years. For being the decision maker, the bread earner, the one who protected you, the one who promised you rewards, the one who made so many things happen by going out into the world for you, there does come a day every year when you can show your gratitude to your gruff no-nonsense yet tender-inside father. Father’s day!

And so when Fathers Day arrives, it is time for you to give him back the unconditional love he gave, put a smile on his troubled face, a thank you for all that you could never say to him. It is always easier to talk to mothers than fathers – the gruff, practical yet sentimental parents of ours. He was the first to act, the one to bite the bullet, the one who stood in line and fought, the one who worked late nights, the one whose body is now creaking under the stress of the early years. But he will not accept it as easily as your mother does – he is a man after all!

So what do you do? As with your mother, this is not the time to ask as you always did you’re your father – it is time to give. Think of all the troubles he went for your sake and remember, he did it only for you, his special child. Think of all the sacrifices he made for you, the early mornings he woke up and then think of what it is that you can do to make him feel happy with life, to make him feel like it had all been worth it. And then gift him, the most thoughtful father’s day gifts that exemplify your love.

To begin with wish him a happy father’s day and that in itself will tell him how important it is to you. How wonderful it was to have a father like him. you can wish your father in many ways – start with flowers. Though he may not show it, he will appreciate your gesture and show off to his wife later that his children love him more than her. And then it is time for the gifts that show how thoughtful you have been. For example if your father is still working, think of gifts that could make work easier. A new mobile, a new laptop, an ipad, an ipod with the music he likes, subscription to magazines, books, camera or digital photoframe to organize photos, a television where he spends so much time, an alarm clock or a nice watch.

Or you could get your father annual subscription to fitness centers, spas, yoga camps, nature clinics, health checkups, massages, hobby classes! Let him get a second shot at life – at the things he missed. fathers think they have grown up too soon so it is important to get the child in them out again and get a second shot at life. A hobby class would be most interesting and a welcome change for him. push his creative limit by enrolling him into singing and dancing classes and watch him get over his initial apprehension. Or how about cookery classes so he can cook something for your Mom. Depending on what he likes gift him exotic fruits, chocolates, dry fruits, or book a table at his favourite restaurant and be sure to accompany him! Cigars, wine, whisky, a date on an adventure trail with an old friend – there is much that can bring a smile to his face.

If your father is single, gift him something that will keep him company. A gift set of books, music, movies, personalized mugs, a personalized yoga instructor, paintings, holiday trip! Fill up his day with things to do so he never feels alone, so he alwasy has things to look forward to. Or gift him some snazzy clothes, a suit, a sherwani, ties, belts, shoes, socks, accessories, cool shades and stay along and tell him what he always looked good in, and what colours suit him! Sweaters, jackets, coats, shoes - ah there is much for father to pamper himself. He never did, remember. And don’t forget to capture his smile when he wears that stuff. You could buy him tickets for a good movie, a play, a concert, a music recital or a dance recital, a sight seeing trip - and go with him to enjoy his happiness or send his friends along!

Just as all father figures include fathers-in-law, older brothers, uncles and others, grandfathers have their special place for always being available with their warmth, timely gifts and unstinting support. Buy grandpa something he really cherishes, something that he can proudly show off – maybe a new track suit for his walks, a walking stick, a cool pair of shades, a sweater, CDs with his favourite chants, a trip to his favourite holiday destination or religious place, spiritual books, an electronic blood pressure monitor or diabetes monitor or even a comprehensive health check up. He will love all the attention he is getting.

And remember it can never match what you got from father. You are only showing gratitude to his unending, unspoken love for you. So make it big, make it special and make it worthwhile for him. just a small thank you that makes him sleep contentedly at night, and perhaps a look in your direction that says that he appreciates it all! It is well worth all the treasures in the world!

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