Power of Music

Stress is a major cause of health and mental problems. Listening to music relaxes you, elevates mood and fights sadness. When you are happy, your body is more energetic leading to better health.

It is common knowledge that natural sounds bring a sense of peace, calm and tranquility. Certain melodies and beats are associated with times gone by and listening to them brings back good memories and elevates your mood. Knowing the power of music, all cultures use music at times of celebrations, to make everyone smile, relax and be energetic.

Pythagorus used sound and music to cure disease and improve mental health. According to a CNN article, "A recent study out of Stanford University found elderly patients who were diagnosed with depression gained self-esteem and saw an improvement in their mood when they were visited by a music therapist." "The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, uses music as part of its cardiovascular surgery healing program... Because music helps these patients relax, it decreases their pain, improves their moods and helps them to sleep better, especially during recovery." The BBC worked closely with members of Alzheimer's Society and created a powerful documentary about the impact of dementia on relationships and the enduring power of love and music.

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