50 Promotional Plans

Looking for promotional plans to kickstart your business campaign? Got a deal, product or service to promote and are short of ideas? Here is a part compilation of 50 promotional ideas that you can use to promote your product or service. This list would suit all products and services and all types of budgets - be it a high end, premium product that requires a promotional pitch without diluting its brand or a simple deal that calls for an innovative, cost-effective pitch - ‘50 Promotional Plans’ has all that and more.

‘50 Promotional Plans’ has been compiled to help retail businesses browse through the many options that are available. You need not reinvent the wheel there are so many tried and tested, creative models out in the open already. Use the best fit to get the maximum visibility, cost-effectiveness, reach, branding, footfalls, sales and much more. For more details visit UPto75.com:

50 Marketing and Sales Promotional Plans
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