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Inculcating the habit of reading in a child is very important. When we were young, my father used to subscribe for a variety of magazines; among them, “Reader’s Digest” was my favorite magazine. At first, I used to love reading jokes in “Laughter, the best medicine” section. By the time I reached my teens, I not only enjoyed reading the whole magazine, I eagerly waited for the next month’s edition. Slowly, my vocabulary got better, and my knowledge of current affairs has increased. Reading for pleasure was one of the many important things, my father taught me.

Reading a book or magazine is much better than watching a movie. It broadens one’s perspective and improves concentration and focus. However, it is expensive to buy books and subscribe to magazines, especially in these hard economic times. To make this habit inexpensive, either use the local library or find a discount magazine subscription that delivers your favorite publication for a lot less money.

On, you can find fabulous discount coupons for several magazine subscriptions. Please check them out, save money and help spread reading habit to adolescents.
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