Looking for Strategic Alliances and Acquisitions

UPto75.com is a business unit of Gap Miners and a leading player in deal/ discounts/ offer/ sale listing space with presence in 7 major cities currently. UPto75 has partnership with many media houses with great footprint in Press, Internet, Mobile etc as well as mobile operators and BFSI companies. UPto75 is keen on exploring associating with other deal listing sites through partnerships and acquisitions for greater presence, reach and rapid scaling up with a clear vision to be the numero uno player pan India. Interested? Please write in strict confidence to business {at} upto75{dot}com
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Reliance GSM Commercial

Hey, have you seen the new Reliance GSM TV Commercial with Hrithik Roshan being aired on TV now? Ramki (Ramakrishna D) of Cartwheel Creative Consultancy, a member of our Advisory Board is in charge of this account!
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India Today Subscriptions - Discounts for UPto75.com Users

India Today is offering subscriptions at 20% less for UPto75.com users! Plus additional gifts that can be won.

For a One year subscription you pay only Rs.1200( Cover price Rs.1300) and you get a Reebok Travel Bag worth Rs650 for FREE.
For a three year subscription you pay only Rs. 3400 (Cover price Rs.3900) and you get a Timex Wrist Watch worth Rs.750 for Free
For a Five year subscription you pay only Rs.5200( Cover price Rs.6500) and you get a pair of Adidas Shoes worth Rs2499 for FREE.

To get know more on this fantastic deal check out - http://www.upto75.com/Sale_Details.html/type/main/id/4458

To subscribe, call 1800 1800 100 or 0120 2479900 or email – wecare@intoday.com and refer to the offer code upto75/ITE while booking for the same.

Website: www.indiatoday.intoday.in
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Loyalty Campaigns - Multiply your sales

As a retailer you are aware that loyalty campaigns are a surefire way of attracting and retaining customers (like the frequent flier programs). We at www.upto75.com already created several attractive loyalty campaigns for retailers that are running highly successfully. To keep your costs low and the effect high, we use Digital Media like mobile phones and internet that are an easy and effective way to advertise your offers.
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Cross Promotions - A great way to increase your sales.

If you have a product to sell and are looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to advertise and sell your product, call us today. UPto75.com can help you work out cross promotion campaigns on the Digital Media that cut advertising costs by two while doubling the number of customers! We have successfully tied-up cross promotion campaigns for several retailers.

Cross promotions help in targeting customers of other products that are complementary to your product. For e.g. cosmetics and beauty salons, sportswear and fitness centers, clothes and accessories, lifestyle products and jewelery, furniture and home furnishings etc.
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Digital Promotions - Retailers can no longer afford to ignore

If you are a retailer, you must be aware of the benefits of using New Age Digital Media such as mobile phones and internet based media to advertise. With these digital media you can target specific customer groups and that makes advertising highly cost effective too. Since almost everybody has a mobile phone today and youth and officegoers are almost always online or holding a mobile, you have a ready audience that you can address directly. And with majority of people being members of social networks like Facebook or Twitter, word of mouth publicity happens free and fast… news spreads at the click of a button.

To use these New Age Digital Media to your advantage, register on India's Leading Sales and Discount Site - UPto75.com . You will also get the advantage of listing on Rediff.com’s Local Ads feature and Indiatimes.com ’s Active Deals.

Through the Indiatimes' Active Deals M-Coupon service you can reach out to majority of and mobile users who can see your offer on their mobile phones.

Local Ads feature on Rediff.com features products and services across 64 cities and towns in India at the moment. You can imagine the reach of this platform. Don’t miss this wonderful business opportunity! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Call us today.

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