Mothers Day and Mother's Day Gifts - A Reason To Celebrate

If there is one person in this world who truly deserves a special day, a special gift, a special outing for the rest of her life, it’s the one who gave birth to you and brought you up - your mother. She has been the one to run to when it hurt, the one who put herself behind for you, the one who made sacrifices so you could have the best, the one who makes the best food in the world, the one who put the bandage and who has the softest healing touch, the one who fought your case when things went wrong – mothers have always represented unconditional and limitless love. And so when the Mothers Day arrives every year, it is time for you to give her back the years that she gave you, put a smile on her face, a hand on her shoulder, to say that it has not gone in waste.

So what do you do? For one, remember, this is not the time to ask as you always did when you thought of mother – it is the time to give. Feel the love she gave and close your eyes and think of all the things you would do for her, to make her smile, to see that love in her eyes, to recognize that her child has indeed grown up. And then gift her, the most thoughtful mother’s day gifts that exemplify your love.

For example if your mother is a working mother, think of ways that could make her work easier, does she need a better mobile, a newer version of the laptop, subscription to McAfee antivirus, camera or digital photoframe to organize photos, or a nice watch. You need to carefully find out what is the one thing that she needs the most and get her that. She always scoured the markets and did that for you! If your mother is the busy stay-at-home mother who has no time for herself and who has always neglected herself, give her a second chance at the life she missed for you. Get her an annual subscription to fitness centers, spas, yoga camps, nature clinics, health checkups, beauty parlors, massages, hobby classes! Let her learn her singing and dancing again and watch as her eyes light up like a sixteen year olds. And yes, she is undoubtedly the best chef in your world so maybe it’s high time you indulged her with some of her favourite food. Gift her a packet of exotic fruits, chocolates, dry fruits, or book a table at her favourite restaurant and be sure to accompany her!

If your mother is a single mother gift her something that will keep her company and reassure her that she is not alone. Personalized mugs, a makeover, cosmetics, a personalized yoga instructor, personalized jewellery, diamonds, watches, photo frames, feng shui, paintings, holiday trip! Fill up her life with things to do and her thoughts with memories and she will never feel alone. Or one of the best gifts could be to just take her out to the shopping mall and ask her to buy the clothes she likes. Sarees, Salwaar Kameez, Trousers, Kurtis and Kurtas, Fashion Accessories and stay along and tell her what she always looked good in, and what colours suit her! And don’t forget to capture her smile. You also can design an unforgettable memory for your mom by buying tickets for a good movie, a play, a concert, a music recital or a dance recital, a sight seeing trip - and go with her to enjoy her happiness!

Just as all mother figures include mothers-in-law, older sisters, aunts and others, grandmas have their special place for always being available with their warmth and unstinting support. Buy her CDs with her favourite chants, Bhagwad Gita, a trip to her favourite religious place, spiritual books, puja items, idols, an electronic blood pressure monitor or diabetes monitor or even a comprehensive health check up. She will be bowled over by your love and she will tell the whole world about it.

And remember you are only repaying a huge debt. It can never match what you got. You are only showing gratitude for what she gave all her life. So make it big, make it special and make it worthwhile for her. Whatever you do, it must result in a smile, and perhaps a happy tear that her life has borne fruit!
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This IPL 4 - Check Out Some Fantastic Offers Before Partying

Come IPL 4 and the biggest cricket party begins all over again in every town and city. There will be big screens, party times, great offers on beer and snacks and food. It is a great time for everyone who wants to party and IPL is all about partying right. What better way to enjoy these wonderful summer evenings than watching some high powered exciting cricket action on a big screen with your friends for company and some chilled beer and snacks by the side, a hi fi system and a great ambiance? Going by recent experiences most establishments have joined the IPL 4 party and are going all out to pump up the volume. Almost all restaurants and pubs, bars and lounge bars, are gearing up with their big screens and IPL offers – from the five star hotels and their classy lounges to your local pub and bar – offers are raining this summer. . All one needs to do is check out which offer is the best on any given day, check out the ambience, the screen, the system, the beer and the quality of food and soon you would have found your niche. And these offers keep changing as the tournament progresses and as the heat increases – one plus one offers, deals on platters, deals on beer and spirits, deals when a particular team wins, scores a six, oh it’s all there. Other than catching the games on TV, you may want to enjoy outdoors here. Check out the Chennai Resorts Offers
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Summer Classes – Great Fun and Learning

It’s summer time and school children now have their hands full of free time. It is not an easy task to contain their energy and channel it productively especially as most urban families are now nuclear and both parents are working. It is precisely this gap that the informal and unorganized summer camp industry fills. Starting as early as April, soon as the schools close after exams, summer camps,summer classes and summer activities start from the neighbourhood house that teaches you painting or singing or shlokas to the highly organized and corporate summer camps that cater to a large audience in swanky places.

Summer camps normally fall into three domains. Sports and games and other physical activities such as cricket, hockey, table tennis, volley ball, tennis, athletics, shuttle badminton, swimming, karate etc where summer camps are offered by the governmental agencies, professional private parties and even neighbourhood experts. Artistic skills such as dance, singing, painting, drama, fun with maths, writing and other such skills are also taught in summer in both basic and advanced courses. These are mostly done in neighbourhood places under expert guidance and sometimes they could be more organized groups such as franchisees of better known brnads. Another popular summer camp activity is the nature and outbound activities where children are taken to camps away from home so they understand and experience nature and enjoy outdoor sports such as, trekking, wildlife safaris, bird watching and other adventure outdoor sports.

Summer camps are a great way to get children to have a fun and productive time exploring various ways to express themselves and also make new friends and develop their social, team and leadership skills. Summer camps come in all kinds of sizes, prices and some even offer great deals. Go get some great Summer Classes and Camps Offers and Deals and enjoy your summer!
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