Summer Classes – Great Fun and Learning

It’s summer time and school children now have their hands full of free time. It is not an easy task to contain their energy and channel it productively especially as most urban families are now nuclear and both parents are working. It is precisely this gap that the informal and unorganized summer camp industry fills. Starting as early as April, soon as the schools close after exams, summer camps,summer classes and summer activities start from the neighbourhood house that teaches you painting or singing or shlokas to the highly organized and corporate summer camps that cater to a large audience in swanky places.

Summer camps normally fall into three domains. Sports and games and other physical activities such as cricket, hockey, table tennis, volley ball, tennis, athletics, shuttle badminton, swimming, karate etc where summer camps are offered by the governmental agencies, professional private parties and even neighbourhood experts. Artistic skills such as dance, singing, painting, drama, fun with maths, writing and other such skills are also taught in summer in both basic and advanced courses. These are mostly done in neighbourhood places under expert guidance and sometimes they could be more organized groups such as franchisees of better known brnads. Another popular summer camp activity is the nature and outbound activities where children are taken to camps away from home so they understand and experience nature and enjoy outdoor sports such as, trekking, wildlife safaris, bird watching and other adventure outdoor sports.

Summer camps are a great way to get children to have a fun and productive time exploring various ways to express themselves and also make new friends and develop their social, team and leadership skills. Summer camps come in all kinds of sizes, prices and some even offer great deals. Go get some great Summer Classes and Camps Offers and Deals and enjoy your summer!
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