Hyderabad restaurant discounts

Had a busy day at work, too tired to cook but do not want to spend too much money dining out? Use exclusive restaurant discount coupons and Save money.

If you are in Hyderabad, check out these amazing discounts and enjoy dining out at your favorite restaurants.
Hotel NKM's Grand
Zafraan &Shangai Dice
Taj Tristar
Hotel Green Park
Punjabi by Nature
Amogh Boutique Hotel

Even better, take grandparents to a hotel and get a discount. This could soon be a reality if hotels across the country accept an appeal of the Federation of Hotels and Restaurants Associations of India (FHRAI). The hotels in Chandigarh already started offering discounts upto 20 per cent. This way elders feel welcomed when the family is having good time.
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YReach | April 6, 2010 at 6:00 PM

Its great to know about restaurant discounts in Hyderabad, I'm a foodie and have meals mostly in places where I find food interesting and satisfying and never opts for big restaurants because of their pricing, knowing about this discounts has helped me in finding some great places where I can enjoy my meal without bothering about bill.